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Last Updated/Verified: Feb 27, 2024

Alaska is a great location for pharmacy technicians who are interested in starting their careers. In Alaska, pharmacy technicians are paid at a much higher rate than most other areas of the United States. While the remote location of Alaska can have some challenges, it can also be a perfect fit for pharmacy technicians who love the great outdoors, enjoy exploring, and are excited to bring their expertise to small, tight-knit communities. Here, we’ll discuss the pharmacy technician requirements for Alaska, as well as the outlook in the coming years for this career path.

Alaska Pharmacy Technician Certification Requirements

For people who are thinking about starting a career as a pharmacy technician, it’s essential to understand the requirements for getting started in the field. There are several requirements for pharmacy technicians in Alaska, including:

  • License – All pharmacy technicians are required to register with the Alaska Board of Pharmacy. Pharmacy technicians are permitted to work performing non-discretionary, manipulative tasks under the supervision and direction of a licensed pharmacist. The supervising pharmacist is responsible for ensuring that pharmacy technicians receive the necessary training to perform their jobs correctly. Pharmacy technicians must have at least 40 hours of on the job training before they’re allowed to prepare sterile pharmaceuticals.
  • Education – Many pharmacy technicians have extensive education in the area of pharmacy via a specialized pharmacy tech program, but this isn’t required in order to work as a pharmacy technician. The only educational requirement for getting started in the field is a GED or a high school diploma. While being a native English speaker is not a requirement, all pharmacy technicians are required to be able to read, write, and speak English proficiently.
  • Age – In Alaska, pharmacy technicians must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Background – Applicants will be asked if they have a felony conviction. While having a felony conviction does not necessarily mean exclusion from the application process, applicants who have convictions that make it likely that they will not be able to ethically perform their jobs will not be offered positions within a pharmacy.

While certification is not a requirement to work as a pharmacy technician, many professionals in the field choose to test with the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) to become a certified pharmacy technician. After earning certification, more job opportunities may become available, and many pharmacy technicians find that they’re eligible for higher-paying jobs (or for an increase in pay at their current job).

Alaska Pharmacy Technician Careers & Employment Outlook

There are many career opportunities for pharmacy technicians in Alaska, in a variety of settings. While most of Alaska is rural, there are also opportunities in hospitals in larger cities, such as Juneau and Anchorage. Many pharmacy technicians in Alaska prefer to work in smaller rural pharmacies, where they’re able to work closely with community members, getting to know them and their medication needs.

This is a good time to get into the pharmacy tech field. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field is expecting a 4% growth rate over the next decade, which is on par with other jobs in the United States. This means that while there are likely to be several openings for pharmacy technicians, you may need a competitive advantage in order to get a pharmacy technician job. Earning your PTCB certification may give you a leg up against your competition.

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