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Last Updated/Verified: Apr 26, 2024

Colorado has many opportunities for pharmacy technicians. Both pharmacy techs who are experienced in the field and those who are just getting started with their careers are able to enjoy working with supervising pharmacists while also providing direct customer service to pharmacy patrons. Recently, the state of Colorado has changed its requirements for pharmacy technicians. Professionals who are searching for work as pharmacy technicians for the first time must pay close attention to ensure that they’re in compliance with all Colorado state requirements.

Colorado Pharmacy Technician Certification Requirements

Requirements for Colorado pharmacy technicians include:

  • Age – All pharmacy technicians in Colorado must be at least 18 years of age.
  • License – As of August 2020, all pharmacy technicians in Colorado are required to be certified – there is no licensing requirement in Colorado.
  • Background Check – All pharmacy technicians in Colorado must pass a background check in order to become certified. Those who have criminal records are not automatically excluded from working as pharmacy technicians, however, it needs to be clear that their previous criminal activity will not compromise their ability to work as a morally and ethically sound pharmacy technician.
  • Education and Certification – All pharmacy technicians must have their GED or high school diploma, and employers look favorably upon those who complete a pharmacy technician program. In addition, as of August 29, 2020, Colorado state law requires that all pharmacy technicians have certification from the State Board of Pharmacy. This is different from the previous law, which did not require certification. Technicians must become certified through a national organization that has been approved by the State Board of Pharmacy. This typically requires passing a test on the requirements of a pharmacy technician. This test is computer-based and can be taken at a testing center. In order to allow currently working pharmacy technicians time to comply with new requirements, Colorado is offering an 18-month provisional period. Working pharmacy technicians who meet all other requirements to legally work as a pharmacist can use these 18 months to undergo the testing required to become a pharmacy technician.

Colorado Pharmacy Technician Careers & Employment Outlook

There are many job opportunities for pharmacy technicians in Colorado. The state offers both large metropolitan areas and smaller communities, providing pharmacy technicians with many options for where they might like to work. Colorado has many chain pharmacies as well as smaller, independently owned pharmacies.

The number of jobs available to pharmacy technicians is expected to grow by 4% from 2019 to 2029, which is a similar growth rate to other jobs in the United States. Earning a Colorado pharmacy technician certification can be valuable even outside the state of Colorado when it comes to finding job opportunities, as many states do not require certification for their pharmacists.

In addition to certification, engaging in continuing education opportunities can also be a positive way for pharmacy technicians to become more competitive in the job market. Both classes offered through pharmacy-specific organizations and through colleges and universities can be valuable to professionals who are working to grow in the field.

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