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Last Updated/Verified: Apr 21, 2024

Utah, which is home to about three million people, is one of the least densely populated states. In spite of this, the state has a diverse fast-growing economy. In fact, St. George was one of the quickest growing economies in the United States in years past. Additionally, Utah is associated with strong well-being and health. All of these factors make Utah a great place to work as a pharmacy technician.

In Utah, pharmacy technicians work in a variety of locations. They may be employed at pharmacies in drug stores, grocery stores, clinics, and hospitals. Technicians collect information, prepare medications, package materials, and much more. In order to do all of this, pharmacy technicians must become licensed. The state has several requirements necessary to become licensed.

Utah Pharmacy Technician Certification Requirements

Pharmacy technicians perform important work. They deal with prescription medications, and they must be deemed trustworthy and adequately prepared for these positions. Many people attend formal education courses to gain experience they can use in the field. In Utah, it is required.

In order to work as a licensed pharmacy technician in Utah, applicants must:

  • Pass the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination (PCTE) or the Exam for Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ExCPT) and provide evidence
  • Complete two fingerprint cards as part of a criminal background check
  • Complete on-the-job training and complete a log of training hours, if applicable
  • Provide proof of formal pharmacy tech education, which includes 180 hours of practical experience
  • Submit a nonrefundable fee

The application for certification is available online. Manual forms are also available for printing. Complete honesty is crucial for applicants filling out these forms, especially when it comes to filling out the criminal background check information. Submissions must be complete and include all the necessary paperwork listed in the requirements. This includes an affidavit that accurately represents your pharmacy technician education.

Utah Pharmacy Technician Careers & Employment Outlook

The employment of pharmacy technicians in the United States is expected to grow by about four percent before the year 2030. This is on par with other occupations in the country, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As healthcare needs change across the state, growth projects could change.

In Utah, about 3,700 pharmacy technicians are employed in a variety of workplace settings. The annual mean wage for full-time pharmacy technicians is $37,470, and the hourly mean wage is $18.01. These wages are on par with the career’s salary in other states.

As the population ages, the demand for prescription medications is expected to grow. High rates of chronic disease also leads to increased demand for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. In addition, pharmacy technicians may see an increase in demand because pharmacists are taking on more duties as well.

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