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Last Updated/Verified: Apr 30, 2024

Completing the required process for the Montana pharmacy tech certification provides pharmacy technicians with the opportunity to have a rewarding career in the healthcare field. Individuals that comply with Montana regulations regarding how to become a pharmacy technician trainee and then a pharmacy technician have the opportunity to work with licensed pharmacists in Montana and to work at a variety of locations in the state.

Montana Pharmacy Technician Certification Requirements

The requirements to become a pharmacy technician in the State of Montana are set forth by the Administrative Rules Chapter 24.174, and by the Montana Board of Pharmacy. The required annual license renewal is also governed by these bodies.

There are specific guidelines to become a pharmacy technician trainee in Montana, which includes that the trainee has a minimum of a high school diploma and that the pharmacy technician in training pays the application fee. The person has 12 months to successfully pass the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board exam.

Some other requirements govern how to become a pharmacy technician. Those requirements also include the duties listed under the pharmacy technician-in-training rules, such as:

  • The applicant must be of good moral character
  • Submit copy of certification by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB), National Healthcareer Association (ExCPT), or other board-approved certifying entity
  • May act as agent in charge of the pharmacy to assure its integrity when a registered pharmacist is not physically present, but may not perform duties which require the pharmacist’s independent professional judgment
  • May enter prescription information into an automated system under the supervision of a pharmacist
  • May type a prescription label and affix it to a prescription bottle with final review performed by the registered pharmacist
  • The pharmacist technician may maintain prescription records and refill data and other information on the patient profile system

The Montana pharmacy technician must also work under the continual guidance of a licensed pharmacist.

Montana Pharmacy Technician Careers and Employment Outlook

The opportunity to learn new skills under the direction of a pharmacist, and in compliance with the Montana Administrative Rules and the Montana Board of Pharmacy are often the reason that many people choose a pharmacy career in Montana. The desire to help other people and to meet new people, along with the career outlook are other reasons that a person may choose to become a Montana pharmacy technician.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates that there is expected job growth in the pharmacy technician profession which will result in the additional hiring of more than 15,000 new pharmacy technicians through 2029.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also indicates that more than 50 percent of all pharmacy technicians work in pharmacies, while other job locations for pharmacy technicians include hospitals, general merchandise stores, and food and beverage stores. Most pharmacy technicians work on a full-time basis, according to the BLS.

The increased demand for new prescription medications is expected to contribute to the increased demand for services in the industry.

The median annual salary for pharmacy technicians was $33,950 in 2019, according to the BLS, with an average hourly pay rate of $16.32 per hour.

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