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Last Updated/Verified: Nov 22, 2023

The northeastern state of Vermont, which houses populous cities like Burlington, is a state that emphasizes well-being. Additionally, Vermont has an increasingly aging population. With this increase also comes growing healthcare options and services for seniors. In fact, one of the largest employers in the state is the University of Vermont Medical Center. Pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals are among the state’s most significant employers.

Vermont takes health and wellness seriously. For instance, the state passed the Vermont Child Health Improvement Program in 2000 to improve healthcare services, including for young people with chronic conditions. With all of these programs in place, pharmacy technicians have a lot to do in Vermont.

Vermont has requirements in place to protect the public, and this means that those who wish to become pharmacy technicians must meet several requirements.

Vermont Pharmacy Technician Certification Requirements

The Vermont Board of Pharmacy has gone through a transition in which it has adopted new rules that allow for multiple paths toward pharmacy technician certification. The Board used to rely on national certification requirements, but now the state will have its own certification guidelines.

These are the guidelines for becoming a pharmacy technician in Vermont:

  • Employer-based training that allows technician trainees to perform tasks as delegated by a pharmacist as part of the certification requirements or formal accredited training through an approved tech school
  • Be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED
  • Complete or enroll in a conditional employment position within six months of the training program’s completion

In order for a pharmacy technician to have competency, they must have knowledge in technician-level pharmacology, state and federal regulations, medication safety, quality assurance, inventory management, data processing, and other duties associated with the job.

Pharmacy technicians may also be required to submit to a criminal background check before they are given a position with a pharmacy. The background check typically looks for signs of substance abuse in the past because pharmacy roles require close contact with a variety of pharmaceuticals.

Vermont Pharmacy Technician Careers & Employment Outlook

Between 2019 and 2029, the employment of pharmacy technicians is expected to grow by four percent in the United States. This is on pace with most other occupations in the country, making the growth relatively average. A large segment of the population is aging, and seniors often require more prescriptions. High rates of chronic diseases also lead to an increased need for prescription medications across all age groups. Vermont has experienced many advances and a lot of growth in the pharmaceutical industry, and pharmacy technicians are likely to see their responsibilities grow.

Pharmacy technicians perform a variety of tasks, including patient information collection, medication preparation, and work verification. In the United States, there are about 417,780 pharmacy technicians. In Vermont, there are about 740 pharmacy technicians currently working. In this state, the annual mean salary for pharmacy technicians is about $35,810, which is slightly higher than the country’s average annual wage. On an hourly basis, Vermont pharmacy technicians make about $17.22.

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