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Last Updated/Verified: Apr 5, 2024

The state of Maine has regulations that you need to know before applying for certification to work as a pharmacy technician. In this guide, we highlight how to successfully get through this process and begin your exciting new career in the healthcare industry. While most of Maine's laws adhere to Federal regulation, the state may set its own standards in addition to that which the Federal government requires.

Maine Pharmacy Technician Certification Requirements

Pharmacy technicians in Maine are required to meet the following criteria, as per the guidelines set forth by the Maine Board of Pharmacy:

  • Applicants in the state of Maine must be 18 or over to work as a certified pharmacy technician
  • A High School Diploma or GED are required as a minimum educational qualification
  • You will receive a questionnaire about criminal background which you are legally bound to answer truthfully. You must supply court documents as evidence for any such convictions
  • If your convictions are related to controlled substances, your application may be rejected
  • You must hold a national certification from the PTCE before applying for certification in Maine
  • A $25 application fee must be paid along with the application
  • You are required to provide your social security number at the time of application
  • Licenses expire on December 31st each year. Renewals are free of charge if the applicant applies before the deadline. However, a $50 late fee will apply for any candidates who do not apply on time

Special note 1: The Maine Board of Pharmacy will only conduct the criminal records check once all information is received

Special note 2: Transfers from other states are permissible. A $41 transfer fee is required along with filling out a special form highlighting all details from the previous state of issue

Special note 3: Interns are exempt from this list of requirements

Maine Pharmacy Technician Careers & Employment Outlook

The most recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) analysis in 2019 reported that Maine was one of the top 5 states for pharmacy technician concentration with 2,220 employees. The average median wage was $15.10 per hour, with the average mean wage coming in at $15.84 per hour. In terms of annual salary, the average was $32,960.

Nationally, BLS calculated 51% of pharmacy technicians worked in dedicated drug stores and pharmacies. 17% (1 in 6) worked alongside clinicians in hospitals and dedicated clinics. In small towns where there is no drug store, pharmacy, or clinic/hospital, some pharmacies operate concessions in supermarkets and food stores. This area employs 9% of pharmacy technicians across the USA.

Most pharmacies in Maine work all hours of the day and week; this includes weekends and overnight. Pharmacy technicians need to be aware that these unsociable hours go with the job. Exceptions include working to hours set my concessionary facilities such as supermarkets.

According to the BLS 2019 report, there will be a national growth of 4% in this type of role between 2019 and 2029. This is the average of all jobs.

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